Playtest and Polish

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post!

This week started out with the alpha presentation which went really well I believe, we kept it fairly short and sweet and did not recieve many questions at all which I would assume means that people understood what we are doing with the game. I saw it as a positive and I hope it was a positive! We got some feedback on the obstacles we had which we will take into consideration and probably add some other ones.

After the alpha we had the sprint planning which this week was not too hard since everything that we have left to do basically is to polish and playtest the game. My main focus for this week and also the next is therefore to playtest the game and help the programmers and graphics artists what needs to be polished even more. When I playtested last week I told my programmers that the ”aggro range” for the melee enemies was a bit short, you could sneak past them if you were on the other side of the map. When they changed this however, the game became a lot harder and with that also more fun. It offers a much bigger challanege now then before. Such a big challange even that one of our programmers, Gabriel, who played the game on stage for the beta presentation, had to cheat to make sure he made it all the way to the end when he played it infront of everybody.

To make sure that the game gives the player a good challange, not too hard nor too easy, we also have to balance the game. This will happen as a result of all the playtesting that I and the other team members will do. Ideally we will also have some other people play the game as well to make sure that it plays the way we think it plays. Often you become a bit blind when you play the game yourself over and over again, so hopefully that will give us some good feedback to work with!

That is it for this week!

Oskar Nolstedt




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